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Links to read for 12/4/13

by on December 4, 2013

Trying something new.  I will be posting a few stories here daily that I come across that aren’t going to be mainstream news worthy but I believe are.  I will update it as I come across more through out the day.

Warren calls for big banks to reveal donations to think tanks.

“Under current law, banks and other corporations are not required to publicly report their contributions to think tanks. That means that lawmakers who use think tank data and analysis to shape laws and regulations designed to police banks do not know how much bank money influences that research.”

Another case of being arrested for being black.

“The teens were waiting for a yellow school bus to pick them up. Police officers arrested and charged them with disorderly conduct, even after they explained why they were waiting on the sidewalk.”

Pensions going into pockets of Wall St.

“What few people knew at the time was that Raimondo’s “tool kit” wasn’t just meant for local consumption. The dynamic young Rhodes scholar was allowing her state to be used as a test case for the rest of the country, at the behest of powerful out-of-state financiers with dreams of pushing pension reform down the throats of taxpayers and public workers from coast to coast. One of her key supporters was billionaire former Enron executive John Arnold – a dickishly ubiquitous young right-wing kingmaker with clear designs on becoming the next generation’s Koch brothers, and who for years had been funding a nationwide campaign to slash benefits for public workers.”

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Because profits don’t create jobs, demand does:

“One of the arguments made by big companies in favor of making their low payments even low is that they’d go out and create more jobs. This is clearly spurious. Large companies are already awash with cash, thanks in no small measure to taking advantage of the Fed’s largesse and issuing bonds. They could invest and create jobs with the dough they already have if they were so inclined. But in fact, large corporations have been shedding jobs for some time, since Wall Street reacts positively to downsizing and higher stock prices lead to bigger executive pay packages. And don’t blame the crappy economy. Big companies weren’t investing even in the last expansion; they had abandoned the role of capitalists and were net saving. Large companies have been more keen to buy back stock than invest in the business of their business.”

Our bodies gut bacteria aiding in the fight of cancer:

“Cancer patients may carry powerful weapons against tumors in their intestines. Two independent studies indicate that intestinal bacteria assist chemotherapy drugs in fighting off tumors.”

The Treyvon Martin/Stand Your Ground gun laws causing donors to leave ALEC.  A sign of some sanity.

“An influential US lobbying network of Republican politicians and big businesses is seeking to avert a looming funding crisis by appealing to major donors that have abandoned it over the past two years following criticism of its policy on gun laws.”


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