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Must Reads for 12/5/2013

by on December 5, 2013

I will be adding more stories as I find them throughout the day.

Which Jesus is more realistic?

“December 25th was chosen as the “official” date for the Christian celebration to replace the Pagan holidays. In other words, Christian leaders picked the date fundamentalists now use as a battering ram, a marketing ploy to sell books, and a reason to boycott retailers. Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. Or the 24th. Or in December. Oops.

Jesus also wasn’t white. I know, this will come as a shock to right wing Christians who think Jesus looked exactly like (and thought exactly like, but that’s another article) Anders Brievik. Jesus was Middle Eastern, which means he looked like this. He had olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes. He did not look the way artists have represented him throughout the ages.”

Regulations are a net benefit to the economy:

“In fact, the OMB estimates that regulations provide huge economic benefits. They find that major regulations benefit the economy between $193 billion and $800 billion a year at a cost of $57 to $84 billion.”

Why good jobs are good for retailers.

“I have studied retail operations for more than 10 years and have found that the presumed trade-off between investment in employees and low prices can be broken. Highly successful retail chains—such as Quik­Trip convenience stores, Mercadona and Trader Joe’s supermarkets, and Costco wholesale clubs—not only invest heavily in store employees but also have the lowest prices in their industries, solid financial performance, and better customer service than their competitors. They have demonstrated that, even in the lowest-price segment of retail, bad jobs are not a cost-driven necessity but a choice. And they have proven that the key to breaking the trade-off is a combination of investment in the workforce and operational practices that benefit employees, customers, and the company. This article explains those practices.”

13 Things to avoid to be Mentally Strong.  I do like this list.

Cutting food stamps could have the effect of increasing diabetes costs.

“Let me put it another way. Eating well in this country is expensive, and I’ve had to spend real money on food here in New York City to avoid sugary and fast carb-laden food. I don’t think I could have done that on a skimpy food budget. It’s especially hard to imagine budgeting healthy food on a withering food stamp budget.”

ALEC is subverting clean energy and progress.  Who are they serving?

“Gabe Elsner, director of the Energy and Policy Institute, said the attack on small-scale solar was part of the larger Alec project to block clean energy. “They are trying to eliminate pro-solar policies in the states to protect utility industry profits,” he said.”

I just ate at Panera yesterday, looks like I have to research my eating options better.

“As a result, when we begin to contemplate what besides the ingredients really goes into making Panera Bread’s Chilled Shrimp and Soba Noodle Salad or Amy’s Bread’s Vegetarian Hummus on Organic Miche sandwich, it can get uncomfortable fast. Suddenly we are pondering if simply providing politically correct menu items is enough for an organization to claim it is serving “food with integrity,” as Chipotle does, or if more needs to be done to make sure such organizations treat their workers with financial integrity.”

November will show a U.S. lost jobs.

I wonder if Obama’s speech yesterday on inequality was due to this report?


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