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Links to read for 12/12/13

by on December 12, 2013

Graduate students at NYU allowed to unionize.

“But unlike most unionized workers, NYU’s students won’t be covered under NLRB labor law. That’s because, in a last-minute decision, the students decided to ditch their petition to be recognized by the board, and instead worked out an agreement with the school itself to allow unionization without governmental recognition.”

GM feed affecting pigs?

“Pedersen, who produces 13,000 pigs a year and supplies Europe’s largest pork company Danish Crown, says he became so alarmed at the apparent levels of deformity, sickness, deaths, and poor productivity he was witnessing in his animals that he decided to experiment by changing their diet from GM to non-GM feed.

The results, he says, were remarkable: “When using GM feed I saw symptoms of bloat, stomach ulcers, high rates of diarrhoea, pigs born with the deformities … but when I switched [to non GM feed] these problems went away, some within a matter of days.”

Occupy the SEC’s Volcker rule role.  I know a few people who were active in this happening.

“Occupy the SEC, however, did give the Volcker rule a grade of C minus and said numerous flaws remain. Among their concerns: The rule inappropriately defines the scope of covered funds, paving the way for bank holding companies to evade the Volcker Rule by shifting their proprietary trading activities away from hedge funds into other, non-covered funds, according to a press release yesterday from the organization.”

UE benefits to be cut for up to 1.7 million people.  This will not help anyone.

“As of Dec. 28, 1.35 million out-of-work people will receive no more compensation checks.

Over the next few months, however many of the 1.77 million Americans who have been out of work for 15 to 26 weeks and do not find jobs will exhaust their state compensation benefits and just have to suck it up because the EUC won’t be there for them. The National Employment Law Project puts the number who will lose benefits at half the total: 850,000. But it could easily be more.

And, paradoxically, that loss of assistance could bring the unemployment rate down, giving the appearance that the economy has gotten better when just the opposite will have happened.”


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