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Links to read 12/19/13

by on December 19, 2013

Moral Aspects of a Basic Income.  I personally believe in a job guarantee over a basic income, but at least the blogosphere is discussing something.

“As long as consumers keep their wallets closed, firms have no incentive to hire. Firms won’t invest in productive capacity when goods are still sitting on the shelf.  So far, the trickle down tactic of quantitative easing to stimulate asset prices has been disappointing. Yes share prices have been rising but wages have not followed.   It is time to try a trickle up policy.”

New Budget Deal to cut military pensions.  But the defense contractors receive no cuts…

“One provision of the bill that seemed to be so atrocious even the compromise at any price Democrats would fold on was the attack on military pensions. But no, while the budget is an incredible reckless give away to campaign contributors the defense industry when it comes to the lowly soldiers themselves that’s where the Democratic Party drew the line.



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